Award winners


Lisbon Meeting, 2019


Lien van Walle

Best oral presentation

Work title: Evaluating adherence in the Belgian hospitals to clinical practice guidelines published for prostate cancer."

Authors: Lien van Walle, Karin Haustermans, Julie Verbeeck, Liesbet Van Eycken

Poster2019_Michael Mounier.png

Michael Mounié

Best poster

Work title: Are comorbidities collected by cancer registries reliably traceable in administrative insurance databases?

Authors: Michael Mounié, Pascale Grosclaude, Sebastien Lamy, FRANCIM network


Trento Meeting, 2018

Oral Presentation_Trento_Laura Ortelli.j

Laura Ortelli

Best oral presentation

Work title: Quality indicators for lung cancer care in canton Ticino (southern Switzerland), 2015-2016

Authors: Laura Ortelli, Alessandra Spitale, Paola Mazzola, Simona Peverelli, Andrea Bordoni

Poster Presentation_Olivia Lacroix.jpg

Olivia Lacroix

Best poster

Work title: Is statin use associated with an increase survival in oesophageal cancer patients? A Belgian population based study

Authors: Olivia Lacroix, Alexandra Couttenier, Evelien Vaes, Harlinde De Schutter, Annie Robert