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GRELL Ascension Meeting 2019
29th - 31st May

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal and its origins go back to the XII century b.C.. Its original name "Olissipo" comes from the Fenitian word for "Safe Port", that is derived from the Tagus River incredible estuary bay.

With monuments that date back to the Roman Empire, Muslim Occupation and the Discoveries Era, Lisbon is a surprising city that enchants every visitor by its cobbled steep streets, its old typical neighbouhoods and its people. Due to its longevity as city and as Capital of Portugal (it is the oldest established capital in Europe), and due to the important discoveries period and all the cultures that Lisbon is a meltingpot of cultures and influences.

Nowadays Lisbon is a modern cosmopilitan european city, with great places to visit and lots of delicious culinary treats.

Either on your way to the GRELL meeting, or on the oficial dinner, this city will reveal itself in a very unique way, that will conquer you and will allow us to do the best Ascention meeting ever.

Let yourself be surprised by our beautifull city, amazing food and palaces and beaches.

Welcome to GRELL Lisboa'19!


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