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Public Speaker


In the last 15 years it has been possible to request financial aid to participate at the "Ascension Reunion" GRELL’s annual meeting.


The elegible persons are mainly young researchers or recent cancer registry groups representants from latin language countries and/or other participant countries. Our goal is to give young researchers the opportunity to show their research and their work in order to integrate our scientific community. Other situations might also be considered.

The deadline for submitting grant applications is the same as the deadline for submitting abstracts.


To apply, download the application form below, and send it to:

Best oral and poster communication awards

The best oral communication and the poster presented each year at the GRELL meeting by a young (under 35 years old) researcher are awarded a prize consisting on the fees reimbursement for that year's Meeting.

The presentations are evaluated by a Sub-Committee elected from the members of the Scientific Committee of the GRELL, composed of at least three members from different countries.

Enrico Anglesio Award

Enrico Anglesio was one of GRELL’s founders, as well as its first president.

Enrico Anglesio Award supported by the Anglesio Moroni Fund  was annually granted to young cancer epidemiology researchers and delivered in two occasions: firstly, at Annual GRELL Reunion and secondly, at the Annual IACR (International Cancer Registry Association).

Since 2017, the Enrico Anglesio Award has been reserved for the Annual IACR Meeting and has been replaced by two GRELL Awards for Young Researchers (<35 years old): the Best Presentation Award and the Best Poster Award.

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